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Autopligg is the best pligg submitter and will easily and quickly submit to and sites powered by pligg
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3 November 2010

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Autopligg is an automatic submitter to Pligg sites. Pligg sites are web 2.0 social voting sites that can be set up by anyone based on the pligg open source content management system.

Autopligg is a pligg submitter that will easily and quickly submit to sites powered by pligg. Most sites have protection against automatic submissions. This tool is able to get around even extensive security features. Autopligg has speed and efficiency in submitting to these sites that can help with SEO of your site as these submissions create backlinks to your site. Back links as any SEO specialists will tell you, is one of the most important ways to push your site up the search results pages. That is the only way to drive up traffic to your site. Pligg sites are social voting places that you can set up by using the free source CMS.

There are millions of such sites and the owners typically ask users to post links and content in the form of stories. Such submissions then can create links pointing back at your site and with Autopligg you can o that to thousand so f sites every day! As the number of such links on different sites increase your rankings are bound to rise in search engine results. Buying back links is one of the ways to build these back references but can easily cost you the earth. It is also possible Google can track such links and thus you would not get the value from such links even after spending the money. Autopligg uses a built in list while you could add accounts on other sites as well. Autopligg will take care of the stories and comments.

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Autopligg is the best pligg submitter and will easily and quickly submit to and sites powered by pligg even if they have extensive security features. Autopligg set the standard for speed and efficency in the seo tool market and created lots of money for its users.
If you have ever built a web site about casino or pharm you will know that its near on impossible to gain links without spending thousands of months.
This is the reason the big online casino seo`s come to us when they need links because with autopligg getting them links and sending them traffic they can slash their spending by thousands a month but keep their positions.
1. Pligg is a web 2.0 social voting web site that anyone can setup.
2. Pligg site owners solicit users to post links and story's.
3. Just by doing a quick search i found 6,730,000 pligg sites.
4. You will need lots of different web sites linking to your web site.
5. You can use Autopligg to submit to thousands of pligg sites daily.
6. Your web site will be listed on many different Pligg sites.
7. The search engines will see lots of web site referencing yours.
8. Your web site will rise in position in the search engines because you look popular.
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Petrescu Marius
It realy works. My site has a lot of unique vists.
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